Our FaST Brand Auction program is the industry standard for collecting all appropriate brand inspection information needed by regulatory agencies to inspect animals at Auctions, Livestock Markets, and Country Sales. The proven system utilizes both PC and Handheld devices to allow validation of the brand while looking at the animal.
Inspectors are able to process animals quickly and with fewer errors. Trucks wait less time for their paperwork and get on the road faster with the animals after they have loaded.

FS Chanel

Fred Schmidt

Christian Mackay, Executive Officer
Montana Board of Livestock

The Montana Department of Livestock began implementation of the Fast Auction system in 2011. It has been fully implemented since 2012. Since then, we have seen significant benefits in both animal traceability and overtime cost reduction…
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John P. Noble, Animal Health Program Manager

“The Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health and Identification program area has been working with Fort Supply Technologies on the creation and implementation of livestock identification solutions since 2007. Through the years, we have experienced a commitment from Fort Supply to their customer service. They have always been available for our staff when issues have arisen. In the creation of the software, they have shown knowledge of our industry and the ability to use that knowledge to provide a product that is functional and reliable…”
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