About Fort Supply Technologies, LLC

Fort Supply is a solution based company providing added value and traceability products for the animal agriculture industry.

Co-founder, Director

Malcolm has extensive experience in new product engineering and market development, financial management,

Deming, Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

at the University of Utah in 1984, Malcolm spent seven years in semiconductor process and microelectronics engineering

in San Jose, California. Then for 15 years Malcolm was a Director, VP, General Manager and Product

Line Manager for Bourns Inc and Scientific Technologies Inc. Part of his duties included overseeing international operations and engineering teams developing and selling micro electronics in 18 countries to companies such as Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Synaptics, Alps, Darfon, Toshiba, Fujitsu, AT&T, Ford, GM, and Daimler-Chrysler. Malcolm has developed, presented and justified numerous business proposals and developed supplier and customer contracts at all levels of corporate management in multiple countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Malcolm became president of Fort Supply Technologies, LLC. in June of 2006.

Malcolm and his wife Emly are the parents of six children.

Technology Officer, Co-founder, Director, Secretary

Nephi received his BS Metallurgical Engineering degree from the University of Utah in 1995 with emphasis on computer modeling of comminution (ore crushing) systems. Nephi worked at VLSI Technologies, Inc. in San Jose for 2 years as a process engineer building “computer chips” until the plant was closed.

Nephi joined Bourns Inc. in 1997 and worked in the Automotive Components divisions where he developed various automotive sensors and controls. In 2000, Nephi joined a small startup company as the third full-time employee that later became Cyberkinetics Neural Technology Systems, Inc. While at Cyberkinetics, Nephi was responsible for developing and manufacturing human implantable neural recording arrays as well as defining the new processes and process equipment required to manufacture a safe human implant.

Nephi is named on two patents (pending) related to implantable device architecture as well as one patent related to animal ID. Nephi has extensive domestic and international management experience including having lived in Hong Kong for two years where he learned to speak Cantonese. Together with brothers Malcolm and Ian, he co-founded Fort Supply Technologies, LLC in 2006.

Nephi and his wife Jane are the parents of three children. They live in Kaysville Utah. They enjoy raising cattle, fishing at the ranch, and being around extended family.

Ian Harvey
President Research, Co-founder, Director

Dr. Ian R. Harvey, Associate Director, Utah Nanofab, Research Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ian Harvey came to the University of Utah in 2002 after spending 12 years in the industrial world of semiconductor microelectronics, in process development, failure analysis, and new product development. He received his undergraduate degree and M.S. at the University of Utah in Materials Science and Metallurgy, and his Ph.D. from the Colorado School of Mines.

While at the University, Ian created or co-created six engineering courses, and has been building capabilities in nanofabrication and in analytical microscopy coming to fruition as the new 18,000 sq. ft. USTAR cleanroom, and the 5,500 sq. ft. Micron Technology Foundation, Inc., Microscopy Suite that sports a new atomic imaging analytical electron microscope. He has also been the statewide director of the Utah Science Olympiad k-12 STEM program. As an entrepreneur he is a principal in two start-up companies and holds 26 US patents. He assists Malcolm and Nephi as a weekend ranch hand.

He is the husband of Kris Harvey and together they are the parents of four children.


Karl has over 25 years business experience in small and medium size companies with a focus on mobile computing and datacollection solutions. Karl is currently the director of Business Development for Juniper Systems Inc, a manufacturer ofruggedized handheld computers, where he is responsible for identifying and developing new mobile computing market opportunities.

Mr. Nicholas was a co-founder and Vice President of Technology – Corrpro Companies, Inc., a publicly traded corrosionengineering services company. He also served as President of Corrpro’s Rohrback Cosasco Systems business unit, which
manufactured and supplied internal corrosion rate monitoring equipment. Karl received a BS in Electrical Engineeringfrom Brigham Young University and a MBA from the University of Southern California. He has two US patents and many publications.

He and wife Karen are the parents of five children.


Shane has 30 years experience in the cattle industry from sale barn employee to cattle buyer/broker. For the past 18 years Shane has been a cattle buyer and broker for private and corporation ranches brokering animals to feedlots and slaughter plants around the US. Shane has concentrated on purchasing cattle in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Idaho along with reselling calves from these areas into Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska.

Shane has earned a reputation
of being a straight talker and honest representative of the cattlemen. Shane fills custom orders of animals for Carlson Brothers, Alvin Wheaton, Dan Lytle, and Five Rivers Ranches. Shane has also been an order buyer for Gibbon Packing and Armor Packing and currently fills orders for Packerland Packing.

Shane is trusted to find the best animals for these organizations because of his eye for detail and keen knowledge of the industry from the cow/calf man all the way to the packer. For the past 16 years, Shane has also been a registered representative for Superior Livestock Auction selling cattle from producers to buyers in US and Canada. Shane has three children. Shane and his wife Suzan live in La Junta Colorado where he also operates his privately held cattle brokering business.