Completely versatile Cow Calf operation management system.


Calving Book:

Combine your cow data and your calf data with custom fields for every type of Cow Calf operation information. Information such as Sex, Calving ease, weight and so on are only a few. The calf data goes with you wherever you go to keep it up to date.

Branding, Vaccination & Castration:

Using a reference database makes inventory management a breeze. Simply scan an animal button and it provides an exportable list for all Inventories. Easily update branding, vaccination, castration and any kind of status.

Cow Calf operation laying down


Automatic calculations are built into the program to calculate a newborns average daily weight gains over a period of time. The program combines information with built in time stamps and the date of birth for successful weaning.

Shipping and Commuter Herd:

In Cow Calf operation’s there are several different methods for retrieving any particular animal from a large list. Scan RFID tag or enter any kind of identification to reference the animal’s data. Large lists of incoming and outgoing animals dynamically effect the total inventory for an accurate total.


Take the power of electronic data collection to the field and effectively manage and document events. Monitor livestock in pastures from horseback, ATV or pickup. Compatible: Record preg test information and vaccination records and pair to weight directly from your scale head. Scan from your electronic reader or bar-code reader for identification. Then bring it all together on a rugged hand held PC

Archer 2 Handheld PC

Archer 2 Handheld PC (4.3 inch Screen)

Specifically designed to boost productivity and speed in remote and harsh conditions. The Archer 2, made for professionals who don’t have time to mess around. Rely on the Archer 2 to help get the work done and put your mind at ease. The ultra rugged handheld PC fits easily in your hand.

Mesa 2 Hnadheld PC

Mesa 2 Handheld PC (7 inch Screen)

The Mesa 2’s battery lasts a full 8–10 hours. The ultra rugged tablet PC runs Windows 10. An optional internal battery provides an extra 4–5 hours of runtime plus hot-swap capability. The Mesa 2 system Performs excellently in extreme temperatures and whether.

Cow Calf operation Tags and Readers

Tags and Readers

RFID button tags as well as UHF RFID tags with the ability to be scanned in masses. For any kind of tag we also provide great readers for scanning at short or long range.

Cow Calf operation Rugged Hand Held PC

EID Cattle Software

Adaptable software that fits into any bovine data collection for Cow Calf operation. Each animal has their identification, information and every aspect of their health recorded. Calculate average daily gains, cost of feed, days on feed and lineage at the press of a button. Puts your collected data onto an organized spreadsheet. Comes with initial setup, training and a year of customer support.

Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales

Scales work quickly to provide you with the information you need as soon as an animal steps on the scale. Each scale is connected through a cable or through a wireless Bluetooth connection. All scales are accurate, quick and easy to use.

printers and accessory products

Printers & Accessories

Rugged mobile printers for printing labels and forms chute side are available. Any kind of printing out in the field right when it is needed. Let these accessories simplify your working environment. Check here for all kinds of time saving accessories.

Cow Calf operation FS Chanel

Sorting Calves

Cow Calf operation Cow Calf operation

Roger Koberstein
Koberstein Farms
Holyoke, CO

“As spring came the unit was put to work one day during a snowstorm scanning calves as we were working them. The unit was sitting in a ½ inch of water and never quit working the whole time we worked those calves. The screen would get covered with snow and I just wiped it off and continued with my data entry….”
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“The FaST EID system worked very well as I was able to scan the tags and print a label out (actually 2 labels) before the carcass got to the station where the carcass tags were put on. I was actually able to get within 2 head on the label station and still do everything that was necessary and get the labels printed in time for them to be placed on the carcasses. This was done at a chain speed of 420 head per hour. It took us less than 10 minutes to do the 60 head of stock show animals….”
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