A digital calving notebook you can take anywhere

 Easy management for branding, vaccination, castration & more

 Built-in birth time stamp & calculators so you know when to wean

 Scan an animal to get its history, or look it up via search

 Dynamic inventory totals after shipping

 Monitor and record data even from horseback, ATV or pickup

Your Digital Calving Book

  • Easy field access to vitals like sex, calving ease, weight and more
  • Always keep your data up-to-date wherever you go
  • Custom fields for every type of cow-calf operation

Simple inventory management

  • Accessible reference database makes inventory management a breeze
  • Scan animals to add them to groups within your herd (e.g. sick or pregant animals)
  • Easily update branding, vaccination, castration and any other status


Automatic Caclulators for Weaning

  • Calculators tell you average daily weight gain so you know when it's time to wean
  • Built-in time stamps and birthdate make it easy to successfully wean

Know Your Herd - Even When It Always Changes

  • Scan an RFID tag to automatically retrieve and/or modify animal data
  • Or manually search any tag number or other ID to access and modify data
  • Create shipping lists to dynamically modify your herd after a shipment
  • Always have an accurate herd count

Herd Data in Your Hand - Anywhere

  • Electronic data collection in the field to effectively manage and document events
  • Monitor livestock in pastures from horseback, ATV or pickup
  • Record preg test information and vaccination records and pair to weight directly from your scale head
  • Scan from your electronic reader or bar-code reader for identification


Archer 2 Handheld PC

(4.3-inch Screen)

  • Ultra-rugged handheld PC fits in your hand
  • Get work done in the harshest conditions
  • Designed to boost productivity and speed

Mesa 2 Handheld PC

(7-inch Screen)

  • 8-10 hour battery life (Up to 15 hours with options)
  • Ultra-rugged tablet PC runs Windows 10
  • Performs in extreme temperatures and weather

Tags and readers

(Long-range or short-range available)

  • RFID Button tags for close-range individual scans
  • Long-range tags for automatic checkpoint scans
  • Readers to work for your operation


Electronic identification software

  • Software that adapts to your operation
  • Assign each animal a unique identifier
  • Track every aspect of health
  • Calculate average daily weight gains, cost of feed, and track lineage at the press of a button
  • Automatically organizes your collected data
  • Comes with initial setup, training and a year of customer support

Digital Weighing Scales

Streams data directly into FaST EID

  • Get weights as soon as an animal steps on a scale
  • Easily connect to your handheld via wireless Bluetooth or a wired connection
  • Highly accurate
  • Incredibly quick
  • Easy enough for anyone to use

Mobile Printers & Accessories

Save time and simplify!

  • Rugged mobile printers allow you to print labels and forms anywhere - even by the chute!
  • Versatile field printing anytime, anywhere
  • Simplify your working environment
  • Other time-saving accessories

Cow Calf operation FS Chanel

Scanning Calves with FaST EID While Sorting

 Scan quickly, even when you're sorting

 Easily grab data and add it to a list on the fly

 Check birth, sex, and other vital data with just one scan


"The unit was sitting in a ½ inch of water and never quit working the whole time we worked those calves. The screen would get covered with snow and I just wiped it off and continued with my data entry...."
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Roger Koberstein

Koberstein Farms, Holyoke, Colorado

"The FaST EID system worked allowed us to scan, tag, and print labels for 60 head of stock show animals in less than 10 minutes."
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Roger Koberstein

Koberstein Farms, Holyoke, Colorado

Cow Calf operationCow Calf operation