Rugged Hand Held PC's

The Juniper Systems ultra rugged hand held pc’s are top of the line and field ready. Every Hand Held PC comes with our own software. Each unit can whether the most extreme environments. The hand held pc’s are easy to operate with a touch screen and tough glass that can get wet or dirty. These pc’s can be dropped in the muck and washed off in the water trough products!

Tags & Readers

We have a long list of tags we provide for every kind of operation and animal. We provide: Visual Identification Tags, Low frequency RFID tags, Ultra High Frequency Tags, Microchips, Panel Ear Tags, and our own Long Range EID Ear Tags as a cost effective alternative for GPS Tracking. we provide the studs and applicators for all your tagging needs.

Weighing Scales

For big or small applications we have all shapes and sizes of weighing scales for all kinds of animals.

Printers & Accessories

We provide rugged mobile printers for printing labels and forms chute side or for any kind of printing out in the field. Let these accessories simplify your working environment. Check here for all kinds of time saving accessories.

Producer Software


Premier mobile asset identification, management, and traceability software. An electronic calving notebooks

FaST Herd

Cloud based Herd Management

FaST Track Web

Affordable animal locating software

FaST Audit

Custom audit forms on a rugged cleanable platform

FaST Wedge

RFID reader intigration program

State Regulatory Software

FaST eCVI Auction

Veterinarian paperwork made paperless in every setting

FaST Auction Check-in

Check-in at the Auction electronically across multiple stations

FaST Brand Auction Mobile

 communicates with the FaST BRAND Auction/PC to create a complete inspection program

FaST Brand Auction PC

communicates with the FaST BRAND Auction/Mobile createing a complete inspection program. Checking Livestock Pregnancy and other health issues simplified.

FaST Brand Country

Private or State livestock country inspection systems that covers the entire ownership transfer process.