Identification Tags

Identification low frequency tag

Short Range (LF-RFID) Identification Ear Tags

Low frequency tags are the staple of the EID setup. they can be read at a range of 6 to 12 inches.

Identification UHF Tags

Long Range Ultra High Frequency (UHF-RFID) Ear Identification Tags

UHF livestock tags are the best in performance in both electronic scanning and in visual reading. These Ultra High Frequency RFID tags are passive Gen2 tags that are particularly designed for tracking Animals, particularly cattle. This RFID ear tag allows for the tracking and monitoring of each individual animal’s feeding location, vaccination and health history, and any valuable information specific to each animal. PC compliance enables excellent performance in applications

Visual Identification Tags

Visual Identification Ear Tags

Visual tags in many colors.


LF Readers

Low Frequency RFID Short Range Hand Held Readers

Tru-Test and Allflex Wands and EID Scanners, they are reliable, accurate and is capable of storing customizable data for each animal

UHF Readers

Long Range Ultra High Frequency (UHF-RFID) Hand Held Readers

Readers for Ultra High Frequency tags that can read at a range of 10 to 15 feet. These readers can also scan multiple tags at a time.