Short Range (LF-RFID) Identification Ear Tags

Low frequency tags are the staple of the EID setup. they can be read at a range of 6 to 12 inches.

Y-Tex EID Low Frequency Short Range Tags Set

The New Y-Tex Round RFID tag and Y-Tex All American® Identification tags are approved for use in the USDA-Animal Identification Numbering Management System (AINMS). These tags have been approved for use in the Official program separately or together to create matched sets. All Official USDA-AINMS Identification Tags are tamper evident and will be imprinted with the following information.

Visual Tags

Many options for standard visual tags. This not a form of electronic identification tag.

Short Range (LF-RFID) Identification Ear Tags Readers


Capable of preloading or supporting entry of customized data for individual animals (e.g. an animal’s withholding period, or entering pregnancy scan results directly on the reader), the SRS Stick Reader gives you intelligence at your fingertips. No matter what conditions you face, the SRS Stick Reader will enable you to get the job done quickly, easily and with confidence.

Racewell Sheep Handler

Te Pari’s Sheep Handler is an innovative solution to fitting an EID panel reader on a moving side wall of an automated sheep handler.

Ultra High Frequency (UHF-RFID) Tag Selections

High frequency tags are the Latest and greates for long range identification. They can be read at a range of 10 – 15 Feet.

Strip Long Range Ultra High Frequency (UHF-RFID) Tags

These UHF tags are affordable and reliable

LARGE Long Range Ultra High Frequency (UHF-RFID) Tags

Larger UHF tags that are more effective as visual tags and come in 6 colors.

Long Range (UHF-RFID) Readers

Ultra High Frequency Handheld Reader Long Range (UHF-RFID) Hand held Reader

This long range hand held reader easily fits in your hand and accurately scans all the Long Range (UHF-RFID) tags in a 10 foot range or you may focus on a specific UHF tag you are looking for.

Long Range (UHF) Panel Reader

Stationary Reader