Allflex RS-420



The Allflex Model RS420 Series Stick Reader is an extremely rugged, portable hand-held RFID scanning device that provides cable-free operation through its rechargeable 7.4VDC Li-Ion battery pack and wireless communication via its integrated Bluetooth® module. The RS420 Series readers conform to the technical specifications of ISO Standards 11784 and 11785, including built in wireless synchronization. With built in wireless synchronization you can operate multiple RS420 readers in the same vicinity without causing interference between readers. The RS420 Series Stick Reader provides exceptional scanning functionality for HDX or FDX-B RFID tags. The RS420 is designed with a larger display and high contrast LCD display screen that includes a battery level indicator, connection status indicator, and clock. The large “Green” thumb-actuated Power On/Read button activates the reader. A Red “Exciter Active” visual indicator alerts the user that the reader is “looking” for a tag within range. Once a tag is detected, an audible beeper and vibrating handle, along with a Green visual indicator that alerts the user that the tag was successfully scanned and stored to memory. The “Black” thumb-actuated button allows the user to access the reader menu. The LCD readout also displays the RFID tag number, tag type, session and total tag count. Power is provided to the RS420 Series through its removable 7.4VDC Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack which provides optimum operating time for scanning your livestock. The Li-Ion battery is recharged by using the detachable one meter long coiled cable, with a DB9(f) data connector containing an integral coaxial power jack, and provided power supply. The Stick Reader comes with a Windows® based PC utility program called “EID Tag Manager” which can be used to configure or download tag data into useful formats (Xcel, Word, etc.) The Stick Reader’s internal memory holds 100,000 (10,000 animals per session) RFID tag numbers.

SKU: 11400-420 Pro Kit


  • Dimensions: 45cm L (RS420-45) or 60cm L (RS420-60) x 32mm diameter
  • Weight: 45cm 810g (28.6 oz) 60cm 830g (29.3 oz)
  • Material: UL94V0 Fiberglass and ABS UL94 HB Plastic
  • Color: Black/ Green
  • Operating Temperature -20ºC to +55ºC (+4°F to +131°F) (IEC68.2.1/.2)
  • Storage Temperature -30ºC to +70ºC -22°F to +158°F) (IEC68.2.1/.2)
  • Humidity: 0 to 85% (IEC68.2.56)
  • Altitude: -100 to +3,000 meters
  • Mechanical Shock: Per IEC 68-2-27 (15g/11mS sawtooth) & 1 meter free-fall drop onto concrete/6 cycles)
  • Vibration: Per IEC 68-2-6 (10-55 Hz sinusoidal/0.75mm displ./1 oct/min./10 cycles)
  • Hermeticity: IP-67 (dust-tight/water immersible) per IEC 529


  • Read Distance: (@ 7.4VDC)
  • (Best Orientation)
  • 42cm (16.5”) (Allflex 30mm HDX eartag)
  • 36cm (15.5”)( Allflex 30mm FDX-B eartag)
  • Reading Orientation: 0º to 45º with less than 10% range decrease
  • Read Zone: 360º in radial and axial planes with respect to end of reader enclosure
  • Interrogation Rate: ~ 9 times/second
  • Read Error Rate: Less than 1 in 106
  • Exciter Signal Radiated Field Strength: 84 dBuV/m @ 10 meters with 9.6 VDC power input