Printers & Print Media

Rugged Hand Held PC

4″ All Weather Proof Receipt Printer

4″ All-Weather-Proof Receipt Printer and the 4 inch recipt rolls for five inch length receipts

Rugged Hand Held PC

8.5″ Manifest Rolled Paper Printer

8.5″ Manifest Rolled Paper Printer and the Roll paper for 8.5″ mobile printer

Label Printer

2″ Weather-proof label printer

2 inch label printer and the 1×2 inch labels for label printer

Tag Accessories

Rugged Hand Held PC

Tag Applicators

Assortment of tag applicators

Hand Held Accessories

Rugged Hand Held PC

Electric Drench Gun

The Revolution Drench Gun is electronically powered and calibrated. The gun features a WIFI connection to the Te Pari Weigh Scale System where the dose rate is calculated automatically based on the animals actual weight. The correct dose amount is transmitted by the weigh scale to the Gun using WIFI where an accurate drench dose is applied to the animal.

Rugged Hand Held PC

Stylus and Screen Protectors COMING SOON

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