Premier mobile asset identification, management, and traceability software. An electronic calving notebooks



FaST EID is a fully customizable software program designed to improve data management at all levels of research involving livestock and wildlife. The accuracy of data collected during research trials is critical to integrity of the published results and perception of the research Available Hand-Held Units scientist.

Cloud based Herd Management COMING SOON

Rugged Hand Held PC

FaST Herd

Cloud based herd management system.

Affordable animal locating software

FaST Track

FaST Track Web

Management software for use with the FaST TAG to monitor animals over a long distance. These tags are an affordable alternative to GPS tags and collars .

Custom audit forms on a rugged cleanable platform

Rugged Hand Held PC

FaST Audit

An Electronic audit form designed specifically for each use by a customer. Regular audits can be done in an electronic format to improve traceability and accuracy in controlled environments. Data can be backed transferred to backend databases.

RFID reader intigration program

Rugged Hand Held PC

FaST Wedge

Devices that can’t normally connect to Bluetooth RFID readers can use this program to make the connection Bluetooth.