FaST Brand Country


Designed for Private or State livestock country inspection systems that covers the entire ownership transfer process. Checking Livestock Pregnancy and other health issues has been simplified with this program. This mature program takes paper based systems to an electronic format that improves traceability and accuracy. To give some basic feel for the FaST Brand Country program as it is implemented for Utah. Note that obvious customizations for each customer would be performed such as logo and we would customize all dropdown menus, Inspection Types, Fees, etc. to match Idaho Brand requirements. However, this is the basic look of the current off-the-shelf (COTS) program. FST can provide either this off the shelf program for Windows 7, 8, or 10 tablet computers or for the quoted price written iOS and Android. The primary advantage of the Windows version of the program is that 95% of the functionality required by the Brand Board is already built in, making it available much sooner for use in the field than any other solution including FST building the iOS version of the application. Additionally, using the Windows version allows for readily available rugged hardware as an option, in addition to cheaper non-rugged Windows Tablets widely available on the market that are Windows compatible. As with the sections above, this section does not try to be a manual, but only to highlight the critical functionality of the program and key features.

Brand Country at a Glance

The above image is the basic information dealing with owner and destination of the animals. The brand inspector would fill in the appropriate information and check the Inspection Type. Note that these inspection types are what Utah required. After the initial GAP analysis between the Brand Board and FST, this can be easily changed to represent the Inspection Types required by the Brand Board.

The above image shows the grid of animals after they have been entered. Note that all these brands were hand drawn, but if they have been in the brand database, they could have been picked from a list (see example below). The bolded lettering in the header indicated mandatory information. The Sex and Color are dropdown menus when touch that provide a list which is completely configurable in content and order to the Brand Board’s requirements. The fees in this example were overridden from the State of Utah’s for this example to match what the Brand Board might charge according to the example. For actual fee values, these can easily be modified in the software when a formal Brand Board and FST GAP analysis is completed at the beginning of the project.

The above three images are all actually the same screen and the user scrolls through them to get to the Owner and Destination, Animal Info, Fees screen, Signatures and Transportation screens. This is where the user would assign payer information (see below) as well as see a summary of the fees. The user would be asked to sign and the brand inspector’s signature is retained from one inspection to the other. Transportation information is also input along with the number of animals per truck.

The Brand Lookup screen above comes to the front when the user presses the Lookup button that is in the picture above. From here, the user can look up the brand locally on the device (no internet connection required) using any of the criteria on the left. For this example, “Fort” was typed into the Last Name field and pressed the Lookup Brand button and it produced these results in the table on the right. By tapping on any row in the table it displays the brand associated with it and the other information on the left fills in automatically. You can search on various criteria including the letter in the brand. For instance, the brand inspector could fill in Brand Letter of “F” and Location of “RH” and it would bring up all the brands with F that are on the right hip. This has proven to be a very effective way to search for brands and quickly figure out lost, stolen or roadkill animals just a brand. Once the correct brand is located and owner information is identified, the user presses Accept and this brand is applied to the proper line and all ownership information is applied appropriately.

The above image is the screen where brands can be hand drawn and assigned to animals. Multiple brands can be assigned to a single animal. Also, pictures of the animal or of clearance documents can be attached to the record of the animal as well using the devices built in camera.

System Requirements

FaST BRAND-COUNTRY can be purchased separately or bundled with a hand held PC from Fort Supply. The FaST BRAND-COUNTRY program comes with a single seat of FaST BRAND-COUNTRY PC/Mac with additional seats available at the time of purchase.

The software is warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase and users can select the training and technical support plan that best suits their needs.

Applications of FaST Brand

FaST Brand Country Remote for the PC allows Windows 7, 8 and 10 users to create brand inspections remotely and offline using their Windows tablet or laptop. All data can be uploaded to FaST Central Office or USA Herds when the computer connects to the internet. Weekly summary reports are generated right on the device and the entire brand database is updated at the frequency that the state wants.