A system that works for your operation

Electronic tags provide unique animal IDs

Two options to fiit your operation

See & update an animal's history with a scan

Easily read unique IDs from a safe range

Get herd data anywhere you want it

Stay in control of your operation with simple data management

Cow/calf Operation

Use your existing tags to manage your cattle on your phone!

  • No need to replace existing tags
  • Your herd data on the go
  • App is free, upgradeable to cloud storage option


Birthing histories to help you sort your herd

  • Count the herd electronically with a single scan or pull up data individually
  • Scanner, scale, and data book in one 
  • Finish sorting hours sooner


Transfer animal records when you sell 

  • Fetch higher prices by providing the best data to your buyers
  • Speed up your shipping process with simple scanning and export
  • Herd data updates automatically on sale without errors

Fall Vaccinating

Years of vaccination data at your fingertips

  • 100% vaccination record accuracy
  • Never lose or misplace a record with automatic cloud backup
  • Easily transfer your records to buyers, vets, or government officials

PI & Bruccelosis Testing

Keep health records in hand wherever you are

  • Submit health reports as soon as they are done
  • Use digital USDA forms for approved crossing of state lines
  • Synced software for all your devices

Branding & Spring Vaccinating

A rugged mobile solution for herd management

  • 100% accuracy – never miss an animal
  • Handheld digital herd records, even in the harshest environments
  • Save hours during spring roundup

Riding Herd

Record sick animals’ ID one-handed on the move

  • Document data without dismounting during herd sweeps
  • Records carry over from year to year
  • Keep cattle records on your phone, FREE!

Replacement Heifers

Never second-guess your replacement choices

  • Find the right animals quickly
  • Keep individual histories for each animal, including weight, age, sires, breeding, health history and more
  • Eliminate paper pocket notebooks

Preg Checking

Comprehensive calving history with up-to-date data in the field, no internet connection necessary

  • Never fall behind the vet with data entry
  • Easy to use & customizable for individual needs
  • No-hassle data syncing across all your platforms

Weaning/ Weighing

Easily connect your scales to your herd data 

  • Seamless transfer from scale and tag reader onto one device.
  • Automatic calculators project grain needs, time to target weight, and budget
  • Know when to wean your calves every time