Be sure to check that your Hardware’s model and/or version matches those documented on this site. Solutions for one model might not work for other models.

Updating your Operating Software may be necessary to fix certain problems.

Check here for more information if you require it.


How to use the Hardware


Bluetooth Connections

These are the links to all the different help sections on pairing Bluetooth devices with your Rugged Handheld PC. Along with the PC’s Bluetooth settings this section covers the settings for individual scales, wands & printers. Our most common models for these products, such as the XRS wand, the True Test ID300 Scalehead & the Zebra Printer, have individual sections with step by step instructions.

FaST eCVI Country

Avery Weigh-Tronix 640 Configuration

configuring this scale requires navigation through the scale head’s menu which can be confusing. With the instruction here though, it will be easy as it takes you step by step.


Fast EID and Racewell Superhandler Set Up

This section covers the unique set-up of FaST EID when it is paired with the Racewell Superhandler, as well as several different scenarios.

Discontinued Product

Internal Reader

Internal Reader

For the original Archer (not the Archer 2) there is an option of having an internal RFID Reader. If you have an original Archer and you need to adjust or install this reader, here are the step by step instructions, as well as a video demonstration.