Veterinarian General Practices


A veterinary clinic can use a variety of products to enhance their practice. Electronic identification is becoming more streamlined and effective for both livestock managers and veterinarians. Electronic animal management allows the user to quickly identify an animal of interest and link important health information on the spot. Software is now portable and reliable and can assist in record management for invoicing and providing key data to the producer to assist in animal health management.

Utilize electronic identification software and either LF or UHF tags to improve your speed and accuracy when collecting information on animals under your care.

Sorting Calves

Roger Koberstein
Koberstein Farms
Holyoke, CO

“As spring came the unit was put to work one day during a snowstorm scanning calves as we were working them. The unit was sitting in a ½ inch of water and never quit working the whole time we worked those calves. The screen would get covered with snow and I just wiped it off and continued with my data entry….”
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“The FaST EID system worked very well as I was able to scan the tags and print a label out (actually 2 labels) before the carcass got to the station where the carcass tags were put on. I was actually able to get within 2 head on the label station and still do everything that was necessary and get the labels printed in time for them to be placed on the carcasses. This was done at a chain speed of 420 head per hour. It took us less than 10 minutes to do the 60 head of stock show animals….”
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