The Low Frequency (LF) RFID Tag is ISO 11784 compliant employing full duplex and half duplex technology. The transponder is encapsulated in a weather-resistant polyurethane material. The female cattle RFID tag weighs only 6 grams and the sheep/swine weighs only 4.2 grams. Y-TEX RFID tags provide superior read distance, retention and durability. The tags are applied using the Y-TEX UltraTagger®plus or UltraTagger®compact. The HDX is qualified to work with the GrowSafe feed and monitoring system.

The New Round RFID tag are approved for use in the USDA-Animal Identification Numbering Management System (AINMS). These tags have been approved for use in the Official program. All Official USDA-AINMS Identification Tags are tamper evident and will be imprinted with the following information:
Available as 982 manufacturer code or Official 840 USA code
US Shield
Y-TEX Logo


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